Thursday, June 21, 2012

Room 6 is starting to come together and starting to feel like home..

Thanks to our superintendent and some very good friends pulling for all of us that moved classrooms this summer, I was able to have air for a couple of days to work in my classroom.  After many, many hours it's coming together, and I finally feel like  I can sit back a few weeks and get a little summer break so I will ready for the new K-Crew that will be coming to Smith Elementary in August.  I still have things that need to be put together and put up, but I am so proud of how it is looking.  Take a little look into room 6 where I'll be coming from next school year. will change a good bit as I work and put more things up at the end of the summer, but I'm happy with it so far.

A look from the door.

The Reading Spot with my new crate bench made with with crates, zip ties, foam ,a table cloth, and baskets.  It turned out so cute.

Back of the room far from finished, but I've got fabric on the boards so  that always makes me feel better.

A look from the reading spot into my corner.  Don't look closely there is still mess back there , but that's ok for now. Look at my cute little rugs I bought from Ross. I love them.  

These are my new hook numbers.  I'm proud of them.  I did not take a picture of them up in the hall, so I put one from I first finished them.  Paint, printers, and Modge Podge goes a long way to cuteness.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pinterest Project....Oh What Fun!

I have completed a Pinterest project and I am so excited how it turned out.  I made the bench out of crates, and used baskets I have in the room. I tied the crates together with zip ties.  For the cushion instead of buying a bench cushion I bought foam and a table cloth for $3.96 at Walmart.  It turned out so cute, and I have enough table cloth left to make some seats for the computers.  The extra color on the front is just ribbon I had.  The crates were a little beat up looking so I wanted to cover up the edges.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wow!!! How Exciting...I've been nominated for an award!

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I've been nominated for the Most Fascinating Blog of 2012 in the category Kinder Teacher.  I love it.  Thanks for the nomination. Click on the vote for me emblem on the right side of my blog to cast your vote for my blogs. Thanks in advance.  :-)
Voting will begin on June 25th.

You will have to go to the website, go under comments and click on the +1 by kcrewkidsrock. The vote will not count unless the +1 that is clicked. I know several have told me they voted, but it will not show up as a vote if you do not click +1 on the actual site where the voting is taking place. Thanks