Friday, November 23, 2012

Hide Turkey Hide

It's always so much fun have our K-Crew disguise their turkey's with their families each year.  We always get some of the cutest projects.  I think some of these turkeys are safe from being eaten since they are disguised so well.  :-)  Take a look at their great work.

K-Crew Kids Rock

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Veterans' Day

We had a great time learning about how we celebrate the lives of Veterans. We learned how veterans are men and women that are serving now or have served in the past.  We then made a thinking map of the things we know about an American Soldier or Veteran.  Take a look at our Veteran/Soldier thinking map, and our great craft that I got from Teachers Pay Teachers (Deanna Jump).

Veterans/Soldier Thinking Map

K-Crew Kids Rock

American Symbols

In unit 2 of Language Arts we studied about American Symbols.  Our students always enjoy learning about symbols.  They love it, because they can pick up the skills so quickly.  It is very easy for them.  Look at at some of the great work we did.
Here is our board with all of our great work.  

The Statue of Liberty tree map and craft.  I noticed when  I uploaded the pictures that a word fell off of my  tree map.  Hmmm.

Statue of Liberty Craft.  The fireworks are made by thinning paint so that it is the constancy that can easily be blown around with a straw.  Use a dropper to drop the liquid on the paper and then have the students blow through a straw to spread the fireworks out.  

The American Flag tree map

American flag made my painting their hand and pressing down on the paper.  The stars are fingerprints.

The Bald Eagle Tree Map.  

The Bald Eagle 
K-Crew Kids Rock

It's Pumpkin Carving Time

It is always exciting when it comes to the time of the year, that we can carve a pumpkin.  It is surprising how many kids have never carved a pumpkin or had a chance to  touch the inside of a pumpkin.  There were lots of laughs, giggles, ooooh, and much more.  Fun was had by all.
Since it was very near to the presidential election.....we had an election to see what kind of face our pumpkin would have.  

Here is the results of our election.  They did a great job counting the tally marks.  

Beginning the carving of the pumpkin.

After they each had a chance to come and stick their hands in the  pumpkin and pull out the seeds, I cleaned the rest of the pumpkin out.  As you see....Mrs. Ring can be very silly.  :-)

Here we are carving the face.  They were very excited.

The finished jack -o-lantern.

Very pretty.
K-Crew Kids Rock