Monday, March 25, 2013

Hip-pity Hop-pity Easter's on it Way

I love Easter and so do the K-Crew Kids.  We have been very busy working and getting ready for Easter in room 6.  We have made some adorable Easter crafts, and had some great writing fun.  I like to change things up a little each year.  So the bunnies are the same pattern from last year's Easter post, but the others are new.  Take a look at the pictures below.  They are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Easter Chicks.  They turned out adorable.  I took several ideas that I saw on  Pinterest, and put them together to make this little fellow.  It is made by using small yellow plates, yellow construction paper for the hands/wings, a yellow feather for the top of the head, and the other is easy to see.  These were quick and easy to make.  

Easter Egg Writing.  We made a circle map.  The students decorated the egg in the middle and then wrote some words to describe the egg.  The next day we wrote about the egg.  The writing paper can be found on last year's Easter post.  Here is a copy of the circle map.

We made these cute little bunnies last year, but I loved them so much I decided to make them again this year with this class.  You can get the pattern for the bunny from last year's Easter post. 

The kids loved painting the Easter eggs.  We used florescent  colors, so they really stand out in the hall.  They are hung back to back, but you can always paint both sides if you like.  

 Happy Easter 
K-Crew Kids Rock


  1. Mrs. Ring I love all you do for the kids! my sweet Granddaughter Kennedy NeSmith loves your class.

    Have a great day!

    Sherry Durden

  2. Wow!! Adds SO much life and color to first hall!! I LOVE it!!