Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Meet Our New Pet

I usually do not post until the weekend, but I wanted everyone to meet our new classroom pet.  I wrote a Pet's in the Classroom grant a few weeks back for a bearded dragon.  I got the grant, and they sent my coupons to help with the purchase.  The grant gives you $50.00 off the habitat and 50% off the price of he pet along with other coupons.  Needless to say our little ones were very excited to meet the new friend.  He is an Orange Bearded Dragon.  He can grow as big as 24 inches.  He is still to small to tell if it's a boy or girl, so I have not named him yet. Take a look at most of our little ones meeting the little one for the first time.

Thanks for stopping by
Mrs. Lisa

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Leaves are Falling, Leaves are Falling, One Fell on My Nose

This has been another great week of learning and fun in room 38.  We've been talking about fall, singing songs about fall, reading books and painting.  We love fall in Pre-K land.  We have also started to remember lots of letters.  This week on our walk back from the media center we found all the letters we knew in the front hall.  Ss was our letter for the week, and we found so many.  We even recognized all the letters on the STOP sign.  It's so exciting to see the little 4 year old learn.  They love school and are very excited about everything.  Take a look at just a small part of our week.

We painted leaves this week.  Anyone can paint with a brush, but we made our masterpieces with the cardboard toilet paper roll and paint.  We also learned that when you put the tube down in the paint it would make a bubble.  

More leaves

Center time fun.  Full of picture taking, pilots, doctors, road work doll house playing.  

All of the the crew went on a walk with Ms. Tasha to find leaves.  We then made patterns with some of the leaves collected.

Meet our new friend

Over the weekend I got this little fellow for our classroom.  We now have two turtles and an orange bearded dragon.  The crew will be so surprised in the morning.  
Looking forward to another awesome week in Pre-K land
Mrs. Lisa

Friday, October 9, 2015

It's Pre-K Week at MRSE

This week has been a very busy in Pre-K land.  Not only was it Fire Safety Week, but it was also Georgia Pre-K Week.  Never fear, our Pre-K crew handled it in 4 year old style.  We wouldn't have it any other way.  Take a look at all the fun and learning that took place in room 38 this week.

We are great sorters.  We can sort different items in more than one way.
We love music time in room 38. 
Can I play you a little tune?

We can't be the only ones to have fun.  Ms. Tasha's has to join in.

Mrs. Karla our Assistant Principal came and read Pete the Cat.  We love Pete the cat and Mrs. Karla.

When putting drops of water on dot fire cards, a fire fighter must have on their gear.

More of our Pre-K fire fighters showing their math fighting skills.

The fire is still burning.  Never fear we are on the job.  

Fire Fighting with a little rhyme time.   

 Popcorn, Playground, Parents and Pre-K Day at MRSE

We love when our families hang out with us for recess.  

Popcorn makes everything great.

Yummy, but.......this sun is kind of bad Mrs. Lisa

Mrs. Lisa and some of my Pre-K babies.

More Pre-K day fun.

Pre-K could not run with out these two in Wayne County.  Thanks Mrs. Lisa and Mrs. Jan.  

The kids had the best time with Nash's mom.  

More of our great Pre-K parents.  
And some more.....

Smile for the camera mom.  It's selfie time.  

Looking forward to another great week in Pre-K!
Mrs. Lisa

Sunday, October 4, 2015

We Are Leaning and Having a Blast

Another week in Pre-K land has flown by.  We are becoming so independent and learning so much. Take a look at our Pre-K Crew and just a small part of our week.

We have learned 3 letters so far.  Take a look at our Pre-K crew writing of letters.
Pretty good for a 4 year old.  Don't you think?

We had a new experience this week.
We found our letters in the news paper and highlighted them
How many letters can you find?

This is serious business here.
Letters, letters every where.

We love to read books.
We are learning to read left to right and touch under the words.
We are also pretty good at making up stories by looking at the pictures.

Read any good books lately?
Reading is a blast.

We are becoming little readers.  
Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned for another great week in Pre-K land.  The next two weeks are fire safety and community helpers.  I'm sure there will be some cuteness of pictures of us all dressed up.

Looking forward to another week in Pre-K
Mrs. Lisa