Friday, February 15, 2013

Presidents, Valentines and Toy Jail Oh My!

The last couple of weeks have been very busy in Kindergarten land.  A lot of learning is going on.  We have been talking and learning about leaders and presidents.  The kids always love learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  They always seem to soak it in.  Take a look at their presidents and writing below.  They did an awesome job.

Abraham Lincoln Circle Map

Abraham Lincoln and Writing Board

Abraham Lincoln with great writing from the circle map.

George Washington Circle Map

George Washington and Writing Board

George Washington with wonderful writing from the circle map. 

Valentine's Day

Valentine Bubble Map

Valentine's Day craft and writing

Check out these cute valentine cookies that one of my mothers made.  They tasted as good as they look.     The kids and I loved them!

Toy Jail?

This is one of the greatest things I have come up with in a very long time.  I don't know if you have problems like we do.....but the kids are always bringing toys in the classroom and playing with them when they should be working.  So a few weeks ago I came up with "Toy Jail".  It has been wonderful.  If I see them with a toy inside my room, it goes to toy jail.  It stays there a few days and gets released back to its owner.  It has cut down on the problem so much.  On Wednesday of this week the toys were released.  One of my students spoke up and said "I'm not bringing them again"  Inside I said "Yes!"  Now so that you don't think I'm a mean teacher :-)  they can play with their toys at recess, they just have to live in their book bag until that time.  Love, love, love this.  

See you next time
K-Crew Kids Rock

Friday, February 1, 2013

January, January...Where did you go?

Get ready.....this post will be full of items.  I have been so busy, that I just have not posted all the things we have been doing in K-land in the month of January.  Believe me it is a lot.  I promise to be much better in February.  :-) we go to the adventures and learning fun of room 6.  

Even though we have been working on our common core units, we can't leave out all the snowmen books and activities.  Even though we do not have snow here in South Georgia, our little k-crew kids love to read and write about them.  

snowman labeling map

Snowman balloon and q-tip art.

Snowman writing.  We wrote several days about the snowman using our thinking map.  The kids did a great job with their writing.  

Martin Luther King, Jr.
We always enjoy talking and learning about MLK.  It is so amazing just how many of our 5 year olds do not know who he was.  By the end of the day, they can all tell you about MLK.  I love making the Martin Luther King pictures.  I love to see how their faces will turn out.  They all have their own look and lots of personality.

Leader by day, Superhero by night
This unit so far has been very interesting.  The kids have loved the superhero part of the unit and day/night.  Next week we will be moving into leaders/presidents.  So far we have learned how to compare ourselves to a superhero, what happens in the day sky, and what happens in the night sky.  Take a look.....

Superhero thinking map.  The characteristics of a superhero.

I am different from a superhero because.....

I have like a superhero because.....

Who is your favorite superhero?

What parts make up a superhero?

What do we see in the day sky?  What do we do during the day? The day sky circle map.  

What do we see in the night sky?  The night sky circle map.  

The 100th day of School
We always love, love, love the 100th day of school.  My favorite part is all the cute, awesome projects that the kids bring. This year we decided to change classes for the 100th day.  Each kindergarten teacher did a different activity.  Our room was the 100th day photo booth, and building out of 100 items.

Our 100th day sign made by awesome Erin Franks our media specialist 

100 day projects

How much popcorn will 100 kernels  make?

Here is the answer

stacking 100 cups. 

What will we look like at 100?

100th day of school photo frame.  All the pictures turned out so cute.  I made it by taking an old frame and covering it will paper and decorating it.  So easy.  This is also the same frame I used on the first day of school.  Just tape on the items, and there you go.  A changeable frame.  Velcro would work great.  Maybe an idea for next year. 

Groundhog Day
Will the groundhog see his shadow?  We will have to wait and see.  We had a great time reading, writing and predicting about the little old groundhog.  Personally I hope he does not see is shadow.  I like warmer weather. :-)

Groundhog circle map

Groundhog tree map

Groundhog predictions.  I sure hope our class guessed correct.  

 Boy I'm tired now.  It's amazing when you do not post for a few weeks just how much you have done.  I promise to be better and post again soon.  Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look at all the great learning going on in room 6.

K-Crew Kids Rock