Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another Rockin Week Ahead in Room 8

We Rocked the Letter A

Last week was a week full of learning and fun with our rockstars.  It is so amazing to see little minds soaking in so much so quickly.  As we move into our 4th week of school, there is much more ahead for our K- Crew Kids.

This week our rockstars will ........
*Continue to talk about standards and essential questions
*Discussing the things we learn from listening to a story read aloud
*Learning about the letters Tt, and Pp
*Sights Words an, at, the, The
*Identifying number words
*Learning about ordinal numbers
*Drawing pictures and writing with details so others know what we are writing about
*Community Helpers

Review with your child:
Bb, Aa
see, me, it, for, and a
identifying numbers and matching sets 1-20
Counting Objects up to 30.

Rockstar Behavior:
Please talk with your rockstar each day about the rules of the classroom, and how we should always be on our best behavior at school.  As the weeks pass by we all need reminders.

Media Center:
We will be going to the media center for the first time on Tuesday.  So look out for your rockstars media center book that will be coming home in his or her backpack. 

Things to Remember:
small snack for snack time
water bottle for recess
closed toe shoes for recess

I can't wait to begin another rockin week of learning and fun in room 8.
Mrs. Ring


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Look Into A Rockin Great Room

 A look from the door
 Another look
 Our Promethean Board
 Our Whole Group Meeting Area
 The Pink Table - Mrs. Ring
 The Green Table - Ms.  Baggs
 The Blue Table
 Our Behavior Chart
 A Spotlight on Standards
 Reading Area
 Our Mailboxes
Our Word Wall

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week two has ended....Week 3 Here We Come

Can you believe it? We have already ended our 2nd week in our Rockin kindergarten year.  We have learned so much and have much to learn in the weeks ahead.  I ended my week with no voice, but hopefully on Monday morning it will be back and we'll be ready to rock some more.

In the week ahead we will be learning about.......
Standards and Essential Questions
the letter Aa
the sight words is, for, A, a
counting and writing the numbers 1-20.
We will continue to talk about the rules of the classroom and what we need to do to have Rockstar behavior.

Review with your child:
Bb and the sight words see and me.  They should be able to sign them for you.

We had two Rockstars make it all the way up to red with great behavior, and I'm looking forward to having more reach for the stars and make it to the top. 

Water bottles for recess
small snack for snack time
closed toed shoes for PE
turn in any forms that need be signed.
check your child's behavior and information calendar each night.  Initial the block for that day.

I can't wait to have a Rockin week in Room 8 with all of my K-Crew Kids.
Mrs. Ring

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week two here we come

Week two of our school year is officially on the way in Room 8.  Today some were very active and had to be reminded of the rules of the classroom.  I'm sure all our rockstars will be back tomorrow with their rockstar behavior.  We really got into talking about standards even more today.  They may be small, but it is amazing how much their young little minds can remember.  We talked about and practiced reading left to right, top to bottom and front to back...... the sight words see and me (ask them if they remember how to sign them), and the letter Bb.  We are also talking about how when we write we must use details even when we are drawing a pictures, so that others know what we are writing about.  I'm looking forward to a great day of learning tomorrow with my K-Crew Kids.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Can you believe we made it through our first week?

Today was the end of our first week  of school.  We had so much fun, and learned a lot. Some tears were shed and we had some great laughs.  Over all it has been a wonderful first week in kindergarten land.  Several of my students I'm proud to say can now tell you what a standard and essential question are.  :-) As we move into week two, we will be learning about the letter Bb,  the sight words see and me, and identifying the numbers 0-10.  We also will be counting sets.  Don't worry, if we already know our numbers to 10 we will keep going.  We will continue to talk about rules and why they are important.   I'm looking forward to another Rockin week in Room 8.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today Was a Rockin Great First Day!

Today we had a great first day in Room 8.  My K-Crew Kids were awesome!  We are going to have a Rockin Great Year in kindergarten.  Today I asked each of the kids what they liked best about today in kindergarten.  Several of them said "EVERYTHING"!  It was so cute. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rockin Great Board to Go With My Rockin Kids

Today I met my new K-Crew Kids.  Some were full of excitement, some full of energy, and some a little scared.  Over all I have to say we are going to have a great crew in Room 8.  I'm so ready to start our Rockin new year of learning and fun.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's almost time to meet my K-Crew kids

Today was the first day of planning and year 21.  It was very tiring but exciting. I think no matter how long you have taught school, you never get over the feelings that a new year brings. All the teachers and staff are very busy getting ready for the wonderful students of Smith Elementary.  They are the best in the county. Only a few more days and I will get to meet my Rockin K-Crew Kids.  It's going to be a great year in room 8.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Excitement Is In The Air

We are only a couple of days away from Pre-Planning starting and the beginning of school.  Each year I become excited as the new year approaches, but have to admit I always get nervous.  I'm entering year 21 and it never changes.  I'm so looking forward to meeting my new K-Crew Kids.  We are going to have a Rockin Great Year!!!!