Sunday, January 29, 2012


This past week as we read books about penguins.  We made tree maps about the stories and enjoyed reading, listening and learning.  Towards the end of the week, we began writing  about penguins.  This took around 3 days from the beginning to the end.  Listed below are samples of our work.

We made a tree map of the things penguins are, penguins have and penguins can do.  The pictures are from Kids Soup.
Here is the penguin writing paper I created.  Get it here.

Samples of my students' writing

Penguin writing and craft.  After making the tree map and writing on the penguin writing paper, we wrote from the tree map on notebook paper.  Most of the students did a great job.  Some had to be guided.  We then made a penguin and put the finished product on the penguin craft.

Here is the finished product with all of the part together.  I love it when all comes together in the end.   

Monday, January 23, 2012

The 100th Day of School!!!!!

Today was the 100th day of school at Smith Elementary.  All day long we only did things that had to do with the number 100.  The kids loved it and I loved it.  I think one of the best things was our follow the leader walk outside.  We did 10 groups of 10 motions while following the leader.  This teacher was some kind of tired after hopping, running, jumping, giant steps, baby steps, airplane, arm circles, jumping jacks, skipping, and jumping some more.  Whew!!!!  That makes me tired just typing it.  :-)  Anyway, I don't think they will soon forget their 100th day of kindergarten.  Below is a glance at just a few of our 100th day activities.

100th day door.  It only hung for 10 minutes or so before it fell, so we moved it in and used it for something else.  :-)

My 100th day of School picture.  Get the paper without a date here.

Some of our 100th day projects.

100 Popsicle sticks.

100 candles cake

100 pieces of popcorn.

butterflies with 100 pom poms

100 stickers

100 fish

100 pieces of cereal

Here's how we changed the door banner after it fell.  We all signed it to show we are 100 days smarter.

This has to be my favorite inside activity of all.  What will you look like at 100?  SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is me at 100!

We can't leave out our paraprofessional Ms. Baggs

A sample of some of the kids at 100.

I didn't get a picture of me wearing my hat.....but here is my hat I wear each year with 100 buttons.  

Happy 100th Day!!!!

The Jacket I Wear In The Snow

Last week we read the story "The Jacket I Wear In the Snow".  My students loved this story.  We did lots of fun activities, but they seemed to like the flip book the most.  I hope you enjoy.

The Jacket I Wear In the Snow sentences.  Beginning and end of sentences, words in a sentence, and color words. Get it here.

Here is our board put all together with our flip books, and tree map.

The pattern for the flip book is from Kelly's Kindergarten.

A sample of the writing.  This is probably some of the best writing some of our students have done. So.......we've got to do more flip books.  :-) 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rock Star Classroom Printables

I was going through my blog, and giving different things labels, when I realized I have not shared all of the Rock Star Printables I have made for my classroom.  I hope you enjoy them.

Rock Star Bingo - Each time your class does one of the following from the list, they are awarded numbers.  I usually pull out however many numbers we have earned, and color them in with a dry erase marker (I have laminated my board).  Once the class get 10 in a row, they have Rock Star Bingo what fun.  You then have earned as a class whatever prize you may have chosen.  I usually do an extra recess.  It's free and they love it.  Usually I wait until Friday to give them the reward.  Get it here.
Rock Star Bingo List. You can change the requirements to fit your classroom.  Get it here.

Rock Star Hook, Mailboxes.....Numbers. Revised now.  1-30!   Get it here.

Rock Star Flex Group Cards.  Get it here.

Rock Star Labels or Signs for the Classroom.  Get it here.

Standards and EQs.  Get it here.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Show and Tell Blog Hop

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We Celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday

 Today we talked and studied about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  We read the scholastic magazine, made our own Dr. King's and wrote from the map at least one sentence about Dr. King.  The children really enjoyed this project.  It was not hard at all to get them to write.