Saturday, August 22, 2015

PreK land is off and running and we love it!

We have had an awesome couple of weeks in Room 38 Pre-K land.  This is my first year as a PreK teacher after spending the last 9 as a kindergarten teacher, but I am loving it.  I love to watch their excitement in everything they do.  When one of the babies comes up and hugs me and says "I love you Mrs. Lisa" it makes everything ok.  Center time is a blast.  Our little pre-k crew are creative and awesome to watch.  We are learning to share and play as friends.  This last week we worked on our names, round shapes, rhyming and syllables in words through Humpty Dumpty, drawing faces, and learning about the parts of a book.  Stayed's going to be a great ride. 

The MRSE Pre-K Crew

 Looking forward to another awesome week in Pre-K land
Mrs. Lisa