Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Is in the Air and Learning is All Around

The few weeks have been full, full, full and very busy.  We continuing to learn rock star style and have a great time while we are doing it.  Since I am so far behind on my posting.  Sorry guys.... here is a look at some of the cute things we have made and patterns to go with them.

5 Senses

5 Senses Labeling.  This was a fun a activity that the kids really loved making.  To get your body and shirt click here. To get labels click here.

Counting Caterpillar
We have been talking about counting and putting numbers in order.  So we made a number order caterpillar.  As you can see they glue them in all kinds of directions, but all were able to put the numbers in or 1-10.  Get you pattern here

O..... How we can count.  This is my favorite counting activity/letter O.  I made the octopus with the numbers 1-8 on it.  The students clued strips of paper under each number.  We then took dot stickers, and they put the amount of stickers needed for each number.  They turned out adorable and  were so easy to make.  We have had so many complements from these adorable counting octopuses.  Run them off on colored construction paper or copy paper.  Have the kids cut them out and do the rest.  Get your pattern here.  

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492
This last week we talked about Christopher Columbus.  We sang songs and learned of how he discovered that the Earth was round and not flat in 1492.  He also discovered America.  We made this cute Columbus.  It was quick and easy.  So cute. Get your pattern here.  Get the Christopher the Sailor saying for the hat here.  

Happy Fall Everyone!
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