Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pumpkins, Storybook Characters, Turkey Time and Christmas Cheer Oh My

Hi Everyone..... I am playing catch up on the blog after a much too long break.  I am currently at home recovering from having surgery on my neck.  Until I had the surgery, I did not realize just how much it was taking out of me. to get back on track.  I thought about doing several post, but decided to put it all in one.  Lots of pictures to see of all the learning and fun that went on in room 8 enjoy.

Pumpkin Time
One of my favorite things to do in the fall is carve the pumpkin.  It's amazing how may kids have never had the opportunity to clean out a pumpkin.

Lots of fun was had painting pumpkins to hang in the hang.  Kids love to paint, and still don't seem to get to do enough it.  They loved it.

Storybook Characters Day
We had so much fun dressing up this year for storybook character day.  I think the teachers had as much fun as the students.

Disney On Ice
I love, love, love Disney on Ice.  So much fun.  I think I enjoy it as much as the kids.  Once we returned the kids chose their favorite part of the show.  I ran off the pictures and they wrote about it.  They were so proud of their work.

Veteran's Day 
I always love making the veteran's day craft.  This year each K room chose one branch of the military to honor.  Our class made Coast Guard Men and Women. 

Last year I figured out that I could make hats for the kids to wear out of party hats.  It is wonderful.  We made these cute handprint turkeys and attached them to party hats.  Love, love, love.  So much easier than putting them on strips, measuring heads.......  

This year we made pilgrim hats and the students wrote about what they are thankful for.  I think they turned out cute.

They had so much fun dressing up for the pictures using the different props.  We put the pictures in Christmas frames and they were adorable.  One of my favorite Christmas crafts I have made.

Here are the frames.  So cute!

Handprint reindeer craft.

These turned out adorable.  Fingerprint Christmas Tree craft.  I loved how they turned out.  So cute.

Thumbprint reindeer craft

I love our Gingerbread paper plate Santa Claus.
They were all so cute and the kids loved making them.

Happy New Year!
K-Crew Kids Rock