Saturday, July 5, 2014

Nautical Craftiness Take 2

I have been at it again creating for our new nautical theme at school.  I'm in love with these creations.  Not spending a lot and getting such cuteness for my money Room 6 is going to have some nautical cuteness this year.  Take a look below.

I bought this anchor from Hobby Lobby.  It was brown with  a natural color rope.  I painted the anchor white, and then went back and taped it off with painter's tape and put the chevron pink stripes on.  I then painted the rope green and covered it all with modge podge to seal it up.  

I found this light house light in a shop here in town.  The white was yellow, and of course  red is not in my room.  So now the lighthouse is rocking pink, green and bright blue.  

This little creation I am so proud of.  I bought the candle stick in one of our 2nd hand stores here in town for $2.00.  I brought it home and gave it a nautical paint job.   I then attached a styrofoam ball to the top and added the candy.  My tree last year was loved by all and was used for positive behavior. When a student goes up on the behavior chart, they can get a sucker off the tree. I think this tree will be a hit.  Much bigger, so Mrs. Lisa and Ms. Kelly will not have to fill it up as often.  
Have a nautical craftiness Summer
Mrs. Lisa