Sunday, January 29, 2012


This past week as we read books about penguins.  We made tree maps about the stories and enjoyed reading, listening and learning.  Towards the end of the week, we began writing  about penguins.  This took around 3 days from the beginning to the end.  Listed below are samples of our work.

We made a tree map of the things penguins are, penguins have and penguins can do.  The pictures are from Kids Soup.
Here is the penguin writing paper I created.  Get it here.

Samples of my students' writing

Penguin writing and craft.  After making the tree map and writing on the penguin writing paper, we wrote from the tree map on notebook paper.  Most of the students did a great job.  Some had to be guided.  We then made a penguin and put the finished product on the penguin craft.

Here is the finished product with all of the part together.  I love it when all comes together in the end.