Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY Home Edition Over The Break

I know this is my site for my classroom, but over this last few weeks while we have been out of school, I have been doing some DIY.  We painted, painted, and painted some more.  Then I started on a few projects that were inspired by Pinterest.  Loads of fun.  I have learned that you can Mod Podge just about anything.  :-)  Here are a few of my projects and I can't wait to get more completed!

 The first project I took on after painting was this wall.  I bought the 8x10 canvases from Michael's on sale.  Very excited 40 % off.  I then painted the edges with some of the paint that I used on another wall in the same room (You could use scrapbook paper instead).  I put Mod Podge on the canvas and glued the picture down.  After drying I put two layers of Mod Podge on top of the picture.  Make sure to use Matte so that there will not be a glare.  It also takes on a paint look.  Then onto the words.....My daughter wanted me to use the words from a song called I Promise.  It's a song about adoption that says "I promise to love you for all times" and that "We're part of a plan only God could conceive".  So.....hmmmm what to do?  I decided to type the sentences on my computer and run them off.  After cutting the words out I glued them to scrapbook paper.  The final touch've got it Mod Podge.  The flowers were a little touch to cover up the command hooks.  :-)  I love and think it turned out great!

 Project number 2.  I bought frames with 4x6 holes from Michael's for $1.00 and plaques from Walmart for $.97.  I then sprayed all the "frames" with different colors of spray paint (got to take the easy way out).  I attached the pictures to the plaques with Mod Podge and then covered both the plaques and frames with you've got it.... Mod Podge.  The saying in the middle was purchased from Walmart. "Life is all about making memories"
 Project 3....... light switch covers and plug in covers.  I took scrapbook paper and cut it to just a little bit bigger than the plates.  I then put Mod Podge on the back of the paper and attached it to the plates.  The holes are easily folded in because of the dampness.  You then put two coats of Mod Podge and then when dry spray with sealer.

Now it's back to school, but I'm so excited to see finish all of my DIY and see what I can come up with next.  Believe it or not it saves a lot of money.  :-)

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