Sunday, February 8, 2015

January Winter Fun

In January we celebrated the 100th day of school by making ourselves at 100, and bringing in projects made with 100 items.  We also dreamed of snow and make snow globes with snowmen.  Take a look at some of the works of art below.  

Here we all are at 100 years old.  I think we look pretty good for 100.

Our 100th day projects

 Marble Painted Snow-globes

 Thanks for stopping by
Mrs. Lisa
K-Crew Kids Rock

Sunday, February 1, 2015

What's Going On This Week in Mrs. Lisa's Class

This week is another exciting week in kindergarten.  
There is so much learning going on in all of our K-Crew classrooms.  
Our students are growing and becoming more independent.  
They are reading or starting to read. They are beginning to add and subtract like pros.

Please work with your little one 
each night on their 
letters and sounds, sight words, 
numbers and counting to 100.  
I know you have noticed that we are adding 6 new sight words each week 
with our Journey's Reading Series.  
I know this may be overwhelming for some of our kids. 
 Please just work with them starting from the beginning words.
we will keep practicing at school with them.  

Letter Focus: Dd

New Sight Words: 
go, here, soon, for they up

Groundhog Day: 
Monday is groundhog day, we will learning all about the groundhog 
and doing some really fun activities.  

We are adding and subtracting to 10
Making numbers using 10s and ones
Demonstrating different ways to represent a number with Number Talks

Coming Soon in K-Crew Land:
We Love Math
Friday, February 13
We will be doing a short Number Talks lesson with our kids followed by our Valentines Day Parry.  We hope to see all of you there.  

Mrs. Lisa