Sunday, September 27, 2015

Having a Blast in PreK Land!

I have not posted since the end of August on the blog.  Life is very busy as a PreK teacher, but also so, so rewarding.  I've spent the last month getting my groove on and adjusting to my new life.  So..... I decided it's time to "catch up" and let everyone see how awesome our PreK life is.  So to not put you in picture overload, I made collages.  Enjoy the learning, fun and all the smiling faces our crew is having.

I've got to start out with a picture of my family first.  Love these people with all my heart.  Blessed to call them mine. 

Center Time Fun

Apple Tree Math

Apple TV Fun and Learning

Dancing during center time

All our little Johnny Appleseeds

More Center Fun

Mrs. Franks stops by to read

Nursery Rhymes

Picture Ready.  See our smiles?

Just being me

Media Center
Family Portraits

Rocking in PreK Land
Mrs. Lisa