Saturday, September 24, 2011


 We are learning about 2-D and 3-D shapes.  This past week we took a walk around the school to see if we could find shapes in the environment.  Our rockstars put a tally mark on  their chart each time they found a shape.  We had some very interesting data, but everyone did a great job in their own way.  In this next week we will be talking about how  we compose shape (put one or more shapes together to make another), and how we decompose shapes (take larger shapes apart).
 Our rockstars are doing an awesome job picking out letters, words and sentences.  We know that a letter is just a letter, letters make words, and words make sentences.  We are also beginning to understand that sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark.  (Ask your rockstar to read the sentences above to you.  They are doing an outstanding job).
This past week talked about how the author has a purpose to their writing.  They write to persuade, inform or to entertain you.  Our rockstars did awesome job picking out where the picture would go.  They were asked is the author trying to persuade you to buy or give them something,,,,or is he/she giving you information.... or lastly did he/she just write for your entertainment.  It is so amazing how much a 5 or 6 year can tell you. They may be small, but they are very smart and think just like a rockstar does.

In the week ahead..........
Letters - Uu, Nn
Sight Words - but, us, not, on, up, down
Vocabulary - We will be reading stories and picking out vocabulary 
that we can use in conversation with others
Math - Compose and Decompose Shapes

Things to remember..........
Media Center Monday
A small snack for each day
A water bottle for recess
closed toe shoes for PE
Check your child's folder each night and initial their behavior calendar
Pumpkin Patch permission slip and money.

Mrs. Ring

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Look at the Week Ahead

We are learning about letters, words, and sentences.

(Click on Link) Our letter, words and sentences caterpillar
Look at what we are learning this week......
Letters and Sounds: Rr and Ll
Sight Words: and, are, like, likes
Concepts of print: Letter, Words and Sentences
Writing: We will be learning how to put meatball spaces in between our words, drawing pictures with details, writing the sounds we hear for each word in a sentence.
2-D Shapes  - triangle, circle, square, rectangle
3-D Shapes - Sphere, and Cube

Things to Remember:
Review all letters, sounds and sight words
Practice identifying numbers to 30 (If your child knows all of his/her numbers to 30 keep going all the way to 100)
Remember to check your child's Rockstar folder each night and initial the calendar.
A small snack for snack time
Closed toe shoes for PE

I can't wait for the week a head with my Rockin Rockstars in Room 8!
Mrs. Ring

This and That in our Rockin Room

Meet Mr. Muncher!  Mr. Muncher joined our classroom recently and is a big hit.  He loves to eat so many different things...... letters and sounds, sight words, sounds blended together, sounds separated.  You name it and he loves to eat it.  How he works...whatever skill I would like to work with my students, I can use him to help.  Ex.  Letter identification - I give each student a letter card, and if they can give me the name and/or sound, they can feed Mr. Muncher.  The kids love him, and ask each day at Flex Group time if they can play with him.  (He is made using a small trash can from The Dollar Tree)

Our Spotlight On Standards board go a little face lift.  If I ask them where the standards are posted in our room, they always point to our spotlight board.

(Click On the Link) Rockin Classroom Rules Poem (Great for talking about great behavior and picking out rhyming words)

(Click on the Link) Have a Rockin Birthday ( made by attaching the "balloon" to a crazy straw)

Centers - We are finally organized and up and running.

This area greets you as you walk in our classroom.  It holds our Classroom Data notebook, birthday balloons, and we can't forget about our microphones that the students can use when it is their time to talk.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rockin Like a Rock Star Into A Great New Week

Our Awesome School Gave us a Pick Me Up on Friday.  Thanks!  :-)

This year is flying by in Rockstar Land.  I love my little people.  We are learning so much!!!!!

What we will be learning this week.....
EQ How can I be a good reader?   I know that I should track my text and print from left to right, top to bottom and front to back.  I know that sentences are made up of separate words. I am beginning to understand that capital sentences are always at the beginning of sentences and punctuation marks at the end.  I can make predictions from the pictures and title of the book.

Letters and Sounds: Oo, Cc

Rhyming and non rhyming words: rhyming words have the same middle and ending sounds

Social Studies: We will learning about our 5 senses

Writing: EQ. How can I write so that others understand what I am writing about?  Draws pictures and writes with details.

Sight Words: can, he, she, we, be

Math: Subtraction using number stories

What to review and remember.....
small snack for snack time
closed toe shoes for PE
Review rockstar behavior
Check information and behavior calendar each night and initial that days box
numbers 1-30
addition using word problems
Letters and sounds
sight words

Upcoming Dates:
Curriculum Night September 27th, 6:00-7:30

I'm looking forward to Rockin Great Week in Room 8
Mrs. Ring

Monday, September 5, 2011

We Are Ready For a Rockin Week of Learning

 Totally Rockin Tt With Our Ties (We are missing a couple of our Rockstars)
A Little Silliness 

We have learned so much in the last month.  It is so amazing how their little minds are like sponges soaking in everything you say.  I tell them all the time that my K-Crew Kids are the best in our school.  :-)

In the week ahead we will learn and talk about.........

Letters: Ss, Mm.  We know we need to know our letter sounds, so we can put them together to make words.

Sight Words: I, am, you  (We also know how to sign all of our sight words)

Reading: We are continuing to talk about the standard "concepts of print".  EQ How can I be a good reader?  We read left to right, top to bottom, front to back.

Writing: Drawing pictures with details

Math: addition using story problems and manipulatives. (Ex. Two bears are at a picnic, and 3 more join them..... How many bears altogether are at the picnic?)

Social Studies: Community Helpers

Media Center: Thursday

Things to Review:
Letters: Bb, Aa, Pp, Tt
Sight Words: see, me, it, an, the, for, a
Math: numbers, counting objects, ordinal numbers 1st-10th, numbers words one-ten

Things to Remember:
Small snack for each day
Closed toed shoes for PE
Check folder each night

T-shirt: We will be sending home very soon an order form for a kindergarten shirt we will wear when we go off campus.  We will keep the shirts all year and give them to the students at the end of the year.

Field Trip:
We will be going to the Pumpkin Patch in October.  We will send home information soon about our trip and the date.

I'm looking forward to a great week ahead with my ROCKSTARS!
Mrs. Ring

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rockstar Tracker Cards

Click on Link Below for download
I'm going to be trying this next week with my Rockstars in room 8.  I created a card that they will wear.  When I see great behavior or superstar behavior I will punch a star.  When all the stars are punched on their  Rockstar Tracker they will visit the treasure box (sticker, candy...something small).  Many rockstars will make it everyday I hope.