Monday, September 5, 2011

We Are Ready For a Rockin Week of Learning

 Totally Rockin Tt With Our Ties (We are missing a couple of our Rockstars)
A Little Silliness 

We have learned so much in the last month.  It is so amazing how their little minds are like sponges soaking in everything you say.  I tell them all the time that my K-Crew Kids are the best in our school.  :-)

In the week ahead we will learn and talk about.........

Letters: Ss, Mm.  We know we need to know our letter sounds, so we can put them together to make words.

Sight Words: I, am, you  (We also know how to sign all of our sight words)

Reading: We are continuing to talk about the standard "concepts of print".  EQ How can I be a good reader?  We read left to right, top to bottom, front to back.

Writing: Drawing pictures with details

Math: addition using story problems and manipulatives. (Ex. Two bears are at a picnic, and 3 more join them..... How many bears altogether are at the picnic?)

Social Studies: Community Helpers

Media Center: Thursday

Things to Review:
Letters: Bb, Aa, Pp, Tt
Sight Words: see, me, it, an, the, for, a
Math: numbers, counting objects, ordinal numbers 1st-10th, numbers words one-ten

Things to Remember:
Small snack for each day
Closed toed shoes for PE
Check folder each night

T-shirt: We will be sending home very soon an order form for a kindergarten shirt we will wear when we go off campus.  We will keep the shirts all year and give them to the students at the end of the year.

Field Trip:
We will be going to the Pumpkin Patch in October.  We will send home information soon about our trip and the date.

I'm looking forward to a great week ahead with my ROCKSTARS!
Mrs. Ring

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