Sunday, September 18, 2011

This and That in our Rockin Room

Meet Mr. Muncher!  Mr. Muncher joined our classroom recently and is a big hit.  He loves to eat so many different things...... letters and sounds, sight words, sounds blended together, sounds separated.  You name it and he loves to eat it.  How he works...whatever skill I would like to work with my students, I can use him to help.  Ex.  Letter identification - I give each student a letter card, and if they can give me the name and/or sound, they can feed Mr. Muncher.  The kids love him, and ask each day at Flex Group time if they can play with him.  (He is made using a small trash can from The Dollar Tree)

Our Spotlight On Standards board go a little face lift.  If I ask them where the standards are posted in our room, they always point to our spotlight board.

(Click On the Link) Rockin Classroom Rules Poem (Great for talking about great behavior and picking out rhyming words)

(Click on the Link) Have a Rockin Birthday ( made by attaching the "balloon" to a crazy straw)

Centers - We are finally organized and up and running.

This area greets you as you walk in our classroom.  It holds our Classroom Data notebook, birthday balloons, and we can't forget about our microphones that the students can use when it is their time to talk.

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