Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Look at the Week Ahead

We are learning about letters, words, and sentences.

(Click on Link) Our letter, words and sentences caterpillar
Look at what we are learning this week......
Letters and Sounds: Rr and Ll
Sight Words: and, are, like, likes
Concepts of print: Letter, Words and Sentences
Writing: We will be learning how to put meatball spaces in between our words, drawing pictures with details, writing the sounds we hear for each word in a sentence.
2-D Shapes  - triangle, circle, square, rectangle
3-D Shapes - Sphere, and Cube

Things to Remember:
Review all letters, sounds and sight words
Practice identifying numbers to 30 (If your child knows all of his/her numbers to 30 keep going all the way to 100)
Remember to check your child's Rockstar folder each night and initial the calendar.
A small snack for snack time
Closed toe shoes for PE

I can't wait for the week a head with my Rockin Rockstars in Room 8!
Mrs. Ring

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