Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowmen, Snowmen Everywhere

We have been reading lots of snowman books even though it does not snow here in South Ga.  The children love them, and just go along with it just like it does snow here. I did let several of them share their experiences of seeing snow for the others, and Ms. McBee made "snow" for them one day.  What fun.Here are some of the things we have been doing with our snow unit. 

Snowman art made by blowing 3 balloons up to different sizes, dipping them in paint and stamping the paper with the balloons.  You then use q-tips to paint the details of the snowman.  Very cute!

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Snowman Sentences.  We used these sentences to practice finding the beginning and end of a sentence, underling the words in a sentence, and circling the color words.  I put the paper on my Promethean board so that we could work through the sentences together as a group.
 After reading so many snowman books, we labeled the parts of a snowman.  It was lots of fun.  We started out with a hat, then some of them discovered they could used describing words, so from then on we were very detailed.  :-)  We then did the easy snowman writing page.
 The next day after labeling our snowman, we went back and made a tree map on a little bit simpler level for our young K writers.  Some of the students still used some of the describing words from the snowman labeling picture.

Here is an example of the writing we did.  I'm not sure why some of them put a Christmas tree.

 Here is all the work put together, with just a few of our rock star's writing.
Below are the writing  papers we used through out the week.  Grab them if you like below.

 Since it does not snow in Jesup, Ga......we made a tree map about the things we wear in cold weather.  Below is a sample of our writing from the tree map.  The pictures are from Kids Soup

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  1. Love the snowman writing! I am your newest follower!