Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week two has ended....Week 3 Here We Come

Can you believe it? We have already ended our 2nd week in our Rockin kindergarten year.  We have learned so much and have much to learn in the weeks ahead.  I ended my week with no voice, but hopefully on Monday morning it will be back and we'll be ready to rock some more.

In the week ahead we will be learning about.......
Standards and Essential Questions
the letter Aa
the sight words is, for, A, a
counting and writing the numbers 1-20.
We will continue to talk about the rules of the classroom and what we need to do to have Rockstar behavior.

Review with your child:
Bb and the sight words see and me.  They should be able to sign them for you.

We had two Rockstars make it all the way up to red with great behavior, and I'm looking forward to having more reach for the stars and make it to the top. 

Water bottles for recess
small snack for snack time
closed toed shoes for PE
turn in any forms that need be signed.
check your child's behavior and information calendar each night.  Initial the block for that day.

I can't wait to have a Rockin week in Room 8 with all of my K-Crew Kids.
Mrs. Ring

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