Wednesday, November 14, 2012

American Symbols

In unit 2 of Language Arts we studied about American Symbols.  Our students always enjoy learning about symbols.  They love it, because they can pick up the skills so quickly.  It is very easy for them.  Look at at some of the great work we did.
Here is our board with all of our great work.  

The Statue of Liberty tree map and craft.  I noticed when  I uploaded the pictures that a word fell off of my  tree map.  Hmmm.

Statue of Liberty Craft.  The fireworks are made by thinning paint so that it is the constancy that can easily be blown around with a straw.  Use a dropper to drop the liquid on the paper and then have the students blow through a straw to spread the fireworks out.  

The American Flag tree map

American flag made my painting their hand and pressing down on the paper.  The stars are fingerprints.

The Bald Eagle Tree Map.  

The Bald Eagle 
K-Crew Kids Rock


  1. Do you sell your units?

  2. I usually just link the patterns, here. I have been bad this school year, and haven't made as many new things. :-) I'm in love with Pinterest.

  3. I forgot to say that most of the units we are doing this year in our school system are the CC units that Georgia wrote. We as a county went back and changed and added somethings to make them better or fit us. They are pretty good, but still need some more tweaking.

  4. I absolutely love what you've posted. I plan on using these ideas with my preschoolers as we study America this week. Thank you!!! I'm so glad I found this page. Keep it up:)