Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We are thankful for all we learned in the month of November

 The K-Crew Kids Celebrated Thanksgiving
 The Mayflower was there for the celebration
 We made butter!  Yum
 Shake, Shake.....Shake the butter
 Everyone had a great time at our Thanksgiving Feast

Rockin Room 8 Smith Super Stingers


November was full of learning and fun.  It's so hard to believe that we are are so close to being half way through this year.  This year has gone by so fast.  We have now learned all of our letters and sounds.  Many of us are reading or beginning to read. Most of our class knows all of their numbers to 30 and several can identify their numbers all the way to 100!!  It's amazing what happens with their little minds between August and December.  
Hold on tight....there is so much going on over the next couple of weeks and a great deal of learning to be done. We love this time our year!

Mrs. Ring

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