Monday, April 23, 2012

Animals are Everywhere! Spiders, Insects and Fish Oh My!

Over the last couple of weeks we lots of fun learning all about animals.  We also had to be very quiet during CRCT, so we had the opportunity to make lots of crafts.  So here they go....the end of our animals for this school year in Room 8.
Caterpillar made with dipping balloons in paint.  They turned out adorable.

Butterfly thinking map and paper plate butterflies. 

Fish thinking map and dot, dot fish.

Insect thinking map

Insect thinking map

Adorable spiders.  They traces circle containers and made everything themselves.  So easy.

spider thinking map

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  1. Lisa, I just found your blog through the K-2 Linky Party. Wow, it's so cool that you adopted three boys. Did you have to go there each time, or were the boys related to one another? I'm asking because my husband and I are thinking of adopting. Stop by my blog if you have a second. I have tons of freebies.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT