Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The journey has begun. Room 6 here I come.

I have had a very busy weekend and day yesterday.  We packed my room, and now it's sitting in the hall waiting for it's new home.  Every time I have moved over the years I always realize I have so much stuff and need to down size.  The problem is....when I buy something new, I hardly ever take anything out.  Hopefully this move will change some of that. 
Last look at room 8 all put together

Another view
Here is all of my mess as we start packing it all up.
All the mess that has to be packed.
Empty shelves.  Yippee!
Never fear the junk is still here.
And here......
Almost empty room except my table and a shelf.  They are next.
It's all in the hall now.  All the way down the hall that is.  Sorry my downhill 1st grade friends.

See you in room 6.  I love to hear any of your organization ideas.

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