Sunday, August 19, 2012

We made is through the first week with "buzzing" success

We made it through our first full week of kindergarten in room 6.  All the little rockstars are starting to settle in and make new friends.  I taught my students this week that when we write and draw we use details.  It's been so cute......if I mention coloring, of them is sure to say, I'm using details.  So cute.  It's funny how quick they pick up on the "language of the standards" as we call it.
We did many things this week that is very memorable, but I think the favorite was Friday, when we made our buzzing letter Bb bees.  They loved it.  One of my students while making hers said, "this is going to be so cute", and of course you can't make a bee without making sound effects like a bee while you do it. Love it. Looking forward to another awesome week.
 Here is a look below at our BBB...Buzzing Bumble Bees.


  1. CUTE!!!!! Glad you had a GREAT first week!!:) I miss you!!!!

  2. Cute Bees! Love your blog!