Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch fun at Poppell's Farm Pumpkin Patch

We had another wonderful field trip to Poppell's Farm Pumpkin Patch in Odum, Ga.  If you have never visited, and live in the South Georgia area you should check it out.  Your kids will have a blast.  We laughed, we sang, and we got lost in the corn maze.....  When we arrived back at school, several of my baby's were ready for a bed.  They were so tired. When we asked if they had fun, even the sleepy ones raised their hands and said yes with lots of energy.

Taking the yearly picture of our K-Crew Kids.  We had several not there so we were missing a few of the crew.

I see pumpkins everywhere.  To get to the pumpkin patch you have to ride on the fun, fun  hayride.  It's always a hit with the kids and adults.  They are so excited to run around and find the pumpkin that is just right for them.  

I'll let you pet me if you'll give me some food.  Never mind you can pet me anyway. 

More kids.  I think I will just rest.

The cutest thing of the day.  The baby donkey.  The kids loved it.  

Another look

Take my picture please.

Can you say cute???

We love the cow train ride.  

Corn maze time.

I wonder how we are going to get out of here????
 Happy Fall!
Lisa - K-Crew Kids Rock

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