Saturday, October 27, 2012

Safety Day at Smith Elementary

Nothing is better than getting to see all of our Safety volunteers in Wayne County each year.  The K-Crew kids always think they are wonderful and they are. When you are five years old, they are truly your heros.  Lots of times we take for-granted all the men and women that work so hard to keep us safe every day.  Thank You for all you do. Below is pictures of some of the great men and women of Wayne County explaining and demonstrating how to be safe.  

Seat Belt Safety.  "Tell your mamas and daddy's to click it because you love them."

Demonstration of what happens when you do not have your seatbelt on.

Telling us how to stay safe and that the police are there to help us.

Stay away from drugs they are bad for you.

Our drug dog in Wayne County.

Nope....don't take my picture. 

Fire Safety

Fire Safety House

Bedroom in the Fire Safety House

Better get out the house is on fire.

Ambulance.  Don't worry if you get sick, she can help you.  

Checking everything out.

Air Evac Lifeteam

We even got to get in the helicopter.  Boy that was fun.  

The nurse and pilot of the Air Evac.

What a perfect ending to a Friday afternoon.  We came back outside and got to watch the helicopter take off.  It is so wonderful to see the excited faces of the K-Krew kids as they get ready for take off.  

Everybody in.  Here we go.....




and away.....

Bye, bye Air Evac Lifeteam!!!!

Now the parade of other Safety heros.  Sirens and Everything.

Bye Fire Safety House

Bye Ambulance

Bye Fire truck
Another end to a great week in K land with my K-Crew kids.  I can hardly believe October is coming to an end and November is in view.  Boy this year is flying.  I wonder what we will see and learn next?  Just wait and see......

K-Crew Kids Rock

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