Friday, June 20, 2014

Got My Nautical Craftiness On

Our theme for this next year at school is nautical.  What a great reason to give the class and little change and the blog also.  I have been very busy changing the look of the blog and painting away on my nautical finds.  Take a look at the cuteness.  I couldn't resist.

This turned out adorable if I say so myself.  It is my new sign for my door. I found the captain wheel from Bealls Outlet.  I then took some of the wood cutouts that I bought and painted them with pink and lime green flair.  This girl does not have red in my room, so who says you can't use bright colors of lime green and pink.  I'm also excited to be going by Mrs. Lisa this next year if some of you are confused as why the blog name changed on the home page.  :-)

The cutie in the top picture was bought from Hobby Lobby.  It had a faded cream, navy and red color.  I decided to brighten it up with white paint, and of course my pink and green.  I also used a brighter blue.  The welcome sign is also from Hobby Lobby.  I had to add my bright color flair.  I am also going to add wood letters that say Pier 6 in blue.  The items in my last picture are my new hook items.  I bought them from A.C. Moore.  They were natural wood/plain.  I painted with the bright green, pink and blue.  Then added some stitching on them.  I can wait to put them up,  
I am so excited about the year coming up and can't wait to add more nautical style to my classroom.  Stay tuned for all the cuteness that will be coming.

Happy Summer

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