Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall is in the the Air

We are still rocking letter word and sentence with a hint of fall.  
Click on the picture to download the tree.

Rockin into another week in room 8.......

Letters: Dd, Ff

Sight Words: said, with, come, to

Writing - We understand that we should use a meatball space between our words and spaghetti space between our letters.  We draw and write so that others understand what we are writing about.

Teacher Directed: We are continuing to learn new vocabulary from books that are read to us, so that we can communicate.
Letter, Words, Sentence

Math: Patterns

Things to remember......

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip Oct. 25th. Please remember to turn in permission slips and money

Kindergarten T-Shirts

Small Snack

Water Bottle for Recess

Closed toes shoes for PE days.

Media Center Friday.

Mrs. Ring

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