Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We Have Had a Very Busy Rockin Couple of Weeks

 We have had so much fun learning new vocabulary.  Here is our new vocabulary map that we used for Pete the Cat.  The kids love learning new words.  This is easily used for any vocabulary from any story you may be reading.  I usually go through the book and pick out 3 words that my children may not know.  I then come up with a definition and a picture.  Another way you could use this, is  by using post its, divide your students up, and have them draw a picture of what the word means.  Stick them in the draw it square.  So many ways to use this map.  Have fun.

 The Fire Safety House visited us, and all of the wonderful firemen and women.  We had a wonderful time.  Thank you Jesup Fire Department.

 We learned about Christopher Columbus and how he sailed the ocean blue in 1492.  Check out their adorable hand ships.  So cute.  This activity could also be used for the Mayflower.

 Oh what fun we had at the Poppell's Pumpkin Patch.  Everyone had a wonderful time and were so excited to be there.  Thank you Tanya and all of your crew for another great year!

This teacher loves her rockin crew.  Happy Fall!
Mrs. Ring


  1. I LOVE, LOVE your Vocabulary Chart! I am going to use that in my third grade classroom!
    Silly question...what font did you use? I LOVE IT!


  2. I'm so glad you're going to use it. I got the idea off Pinterest and changed it around a little bit to fit what I needed. The one I saw had a chart for each word. I don't have enough space for that. We had a focused walk through in my classroom and I was using this chart (4 admin sitting together and scoring your lesson. Yikes). They LOVED it!

    The font is Hamish. I'm pretty sure I downloaded it from for free. I use it all the time. Love it. The boxes are made by making a table and them choosing the dashed border in the largest size. Enjoy :-)