Friday, September 14, 2012

Drawings and Letters and Writing Oh My.....

We have had another busy week in kindergarten land.  So many of our kindergarten rockstars are picking up their letters, beginning to blend words, and draw/write with details.  We finished week two of "Write From the Beginning", and it is amazing the improvement and changes already in my students pictures and writing.  I'm loving it.

Write From the Beginning Board.  The program says to write like 80% of your students write.  At this point in kindergarten, most students will only hear the beginning and ending sound.  So.....I began writing like that on the promethean each day as I model the writing lesson.  When asking how to spell the words, the kids just gave me beginning and ending letters.  It is amazing how writing this way, has made them want to try and spell the words on their papers even more.  It's been great.  Below is my writing from each day this week.

Here is my note from Erin Franks our Media Specialist.  She  gets the writing off the printer each day for me, so she decided to write me back.  I loved it, and laughed out loud when I read it.  It is on my writing board.  

Sometimes when I sleep I have a dream.

I do not like snakes!  They scare me!!!
I like to eat cookies with a glass of milk.

I like to look at the flowers on a sunny day.

I made a list to go to the store.

Here is the sample of writing from each of my students for this week.  We keep one and send the other four home each Friday.

Language Arts Board
Letter Crafts S - snake, M - mouse, O - Octopus, C - cat

Looking forward to another great week of learning in kindergarten!
Lisa Ring
K- Crew Kids Rock


  1. Fantastic pictures!! I like your creativity and efforts.

     Sample Letters 

  2. What program do you use for writing? I am very interested!!!!