Sunday, September 2, 2012

Where has time gone?

I usually write each week about the events of my week with my class, but this weekend I thought I would write about my family.  We are in the process this holiday weekend of taking senior pictures of my oldest two.  I think back to 10 1/2 years ago when David and I traveled to Kazakhstan to meet our children.  It was a very hard trip, since we would have to leave our 3 year old Cooper who is also from Kazakhstan for month while we were gone to bring his brother and sister home.  It was very scary, because of the fact they were older and we hoped that we could help them feel loved and be able to adjust to a new family, language and country.  The road has not always been easy, but in the end I am their mama.  As the saying goes, "you may have not grown in me, but you grew in my heart."  My prayer for them as this year goes by, that they make wonderful memories, and that they know that no matter what they do or what happens I will always love them.  God may have had a different plan for my life than my plan 18 years ago when David and I got married....... but I would not change a minute of it.  His plan made me a mama to Alex, Galiya and Cooper.  I love you all.

Mama to Alex, Galiya and Cooper
K-Crew Kids Rock

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