Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rockin along in Room 6

There is so much going on in Room 6.  We have been so busy learning and having fun.  Below are some pictures of things we have done over the last couple of weeks.
Letter Pp - Pink, polka dotted pigs

We have been talking about friends since the beginning of school.  One day we made a tree map of the things a friend is.

We did a crumpled heart lesson.  When you say mean things to a person it hurts  their "heart" or feelings.  After you have said mean things it is hard to make the heart the same again.  We pledged to not say mean things to others. 

We have a new writing series called "Write From the Beginning".  In this lesson we talked about the different types of hair.  The kids had a blast and loves it.  They laughed and giggled all the way through the lesson. It was so much fun watching them draw pictures with the different types of hair. It was even cuter when some of them would say "I have _____ hair". Funny.

This last week we worked on drawing our faces and adding details.  On this activity we drew the picture and then wrote our name below the line.  Pictures go above the line and words go below the line.

Looking forward to another great week in kindergarten.
K-Crew Kids Rock

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  1. I love the class unity that this will develop in my students. Now following.
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