Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter! Easter! We love Easter!!!!

We have been so busy this week with all of our Easter activities.  I posted yesterday about the adorable bunnies and the Easter Splat the Cat.  Today is kind of part 2.  I hope you enjoy!
Love, love, love the chicks.  My students loved making them, and did a wonderful job writing about the Easter chick.  Get your copy of the writing paper here.

Easter Chick Thinking map or Word Make.  We listed words that describes an Easter chick.
Below are our adorable chicks and their writing.

We described Easter.  I was so amazed at the words that my students came up with.  I have to say this is probably some of the best writing we've had all year.  They did it all by themselves.  Great Job!

Easter Thinking Map or Word Bank.  Look at all the words my students came up with!

Adorable Easter Baskets with a fingerprint egg, bunny and chick.  So CUTE!!!!! 

Chick Addition.  I have to admit I got the idea off of Pinterest, and decided to make my on sheet.  My students love, love, love this game.  My sweet student Nate brought the chick to school and it made my day!  So cute.  Get your copy of addition chick here.

Happy Easter!

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